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Why Keylitic?

"Google Trends kind of sucks… But what if it didn’t?"

- Jack Marchese
(Founder | Google Trends Hater)

Jack had a plan to solve the problems that Google Trends and SEO tools couldn't. He created Keylitic to help entrepreneurs, brands and agencies discover relevant trends swiftly and easily. Spend less time researching and more time executing.

The Keylitic Difference

Discover Trends at Scale

Keylitic analyzes your topic and only shows you trends. Several hours of gathering, researching, and documenting trends done entirely for you.

200+ Countries Available

Multiple Languages Supported

Loved by users around of the world

Know Which Trends Matter

All trends have a Keylitic Score which analyzes a trend to rank its potential on a 1-10 scale. Relax, we do the tough work for you!

Find top trends even quicker

Know which trends to take action on

Know which trends are potential fads

Analyze and Engage

Trends aren't just numbers and charts - they have real people with real questions and opinions that make them grow. We help you tap into the dialogue behind these trends.

Search volume, CPC and competition for each trend

Discover trends related to your search (NEW)

Longtail keywords to uncover questions and use cases

The Superior Alternative to Google Trends

Our users save 5+ hours of research per keyword. What would you do with that time back?

Google Trends


Reports only what you enter


No actionable advice given


No SEO data provided


No keyword reccomendations


Company is evil

Way Better, Trust Us!

Actively FINDS hundreds of related trends

Keylitic Score tells you which trends are actionable

Search volume, CPC, and competition metrics

Longtail keywords provided for all trends

Forum links to keep you in the loop on trends

Save searches to revisit later

Team collaboration (Coming Soon!)

Not evil


What our users are saying

John B.

"I really enjoy using this tool. Jack and his team have done a great job of compiling a lot of useful and relevant information and presenting it in a way that is easy to navigate and enjoyable to use. "

Linda M.

"This is very different to your average SEO tool and Google Trends. It saves you from having to dig through endless amounts of useless data or worse "data not found results".

Cy A

"Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be Socrates... to know what was coming years before anyone even had a blip on their radar? Well this may not give you those EXACT same powers, but in today's world of data, it's pretty freakin' close."


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